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Motorcycle Gloves Overview

Motorcycle gloves are essential for hand protection during falls, designed to shield against weather, impacts, and abrasion while maintaining comfort and flexibility. They come in various styles:

  • Short Gloves: End at the wrist, offering maximum freedom of movement for throttle and brake control.
  • Long Gloves: Extend into the forearm, providing superior protection and security in crashes.
  • Heated Gloves: Equipped with rechargeable batteries for cold-weather riding.
  • Waterproof Gloves: Ideal for wet conditions.

Key features include knuckle protection, finger bridges, palm sliders, and touchscreen compatibility. Materials used in manufacturing these gloves have evolved, with leather remaining a favorite for its durability. Textiles provide lightness and flexibility, often used alongside leather for enhanced performance. Mesh and synthetic materials offer breathability, suitable for warm weather, incorporating advanced technologies like Gore-Tex.
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